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Angela R. source icon for review

Published Jul 18 2017

Mike is super professional and knowledgeable.  He helped us tremendously with our carpets who have been through two young kids and multiple dogs (two of our own and we dog sit).  We had mold in our home and he was very informative on how to handle our carpets through the remediation process.  He came in the night before to pre-treat our carpeting from pet stains and food/liquid stains.  Nothing he used was dangerous for our pets or kids.  We came home to super clean carpets and our home smelled amazing!  Even guests made comments on how clean our home smelled.  We could not smell any urine in our home from pets and our carpets look brand new and amazing!  Mike is awesome!

Rebecca White source icon for review

Published May 11 2017

Mike was great! I had a bit of an "emergency" and needed the interior of my car cleaned ASAP. Mike came to our home within the next couple of hours and got straight to work...did an AMAZING job!! I am hoping to have him come back to clean our couch and rug soon ;) Thank you for doing such a great job Densford's Chem-Dry

Patty Hagerty source icon for review

Published Apr 02 2017

I cannot recommend this company highly enough! Michael is a pleasure to work with. The quality of carpet cleaning is phenomenal!

John Gibson source icon for review

Published Mar 28 2017

Mike is prompt and professional. My carpets have never looked so good. I recommend Densford's Chem-Dry!

Lucille Sterling source icon for review

Published Sep 22 2016

We were ready to replace two auto-recliners that worked perfectly, but were stained with food and drinks because they were located in our theater room. Thankfully just before we committed to the purchase of new chairs someone told us to try Densford's ChemDry. We did and now they look as good as new. I highly recommend calling Densford's ChemDry, the quality of the cleaning and the caring personable service was extraordinary.

Diane Occimio source icon for review

Published Nov 25 2016

We recently had carpeting cleaned and could not be happier with the results. The time, care, and consideration given to get the results that were achieved was extremely appreciated. We have another appointment set up with Densford's to have them clean & polish the travertine floors and bathrooms in our home and are looking forward to another wonderful experience.


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